What's Hashtagify?

Hashtagify is a service managed by artificial intelligence that allows you to choose hashtags based on the content of a page.

Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a scientific discipline looking for problem-solving methods with high logical or algorithmic complexity. By extension, it designates, in everyday language, devices imitating or replacing the human in certain implementations of its cognitive functions. Its aims and development have always given rise to many interpretations, fantasies and anxieties expressed in science fiction narratives or films as well as in philosophical essays. Historically, it finds its starting point with the work of Turing who asks in 1950 whether a machine can "think". The recent development of computer technologies and algorithmic techniques such as "deep learning" and neural networks have made it possible to carry out computer programs that surpass man in some of these emblematic cognitive abilities: the chess game in 1997, but more recently The game of Go and speech recognition in 2016. These successes encourage speculation. In technophilic circles, one enters in general enthusiasm, the transhumanist movement is the best expression. On the contrary, others worry and are carried by a perplexity, sometimes alarmist, even in the sphere high tech. Thus, famous figures such as Bill Gates-CEO of Microsoft, "emblematic figure of the computer revolution of the end of the twentieth century" 1 - thinks it is necessary to remain very cautious as to the future developments of these technologies that could become liberticides.

What's a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a metadata marker commonly used on the Internet where it allows to mark content with a more or less shared keyword. Composed of the typo sign "#" (called hash in English), followed by one or more words attached (tag, or tag), it is particularly used on IRC and social networks.

As a result of its growth and worldwide use since the late 2000s, the word hashtag has now been incorporated into the Oxford English Dictionary, as well as the Petit Larousse since June 2013 and Petit Robert since May 2014.

Hashtagify ?

The main purpose of the Hashtagify service is to find the right hashtags based on the content of an article on the Internet. When RSSFlare retrieves articles from your RSS feeds, it analyzes the text of the article and extracts hashtags, this with artificial intelligence.