Twitter: a paid version for professionals?

Last March, we learned that Twitter was working on a paid version of TweetDeck. If the developments had not begun, the first sketches and the first features of the paid version had leaked. Questioned at the annual meeting of shareholders of Twitter on this subject, Jack Dorsey reaffirmed the possibility of proposing a paid version of the social network. The CEO of Twitter began by saying that the social network should remain open, free, accessible to all, regardless of income and where we live. But he quickly clarified, regarding the relevance of proposing a paid version:

We have nothing to announce today, but we are studying that possibility. We are currently wondering if this is the right decision for some Twitter users.

The principle would thus be the following: to keep a free version open to all, but to propose in parallel a version more advanced to specific users. Professionals are obviously targeted by Twitter, whether communicators, community managers or journalists. If the social network opts for the idea mentioned in March, TweetDeck could become a paying tool and include advanced features: personalized alerts, tips for pros, targeting possibilities, advanced filters, advanced statistics ... At the time, the price Envisioned by Twitter was $ 20 per month for the paid version of TweetDeck.

It should be noted that during this annual meeting, shareholders voted on the proposal to transform the company Twitter into a cooperative, owned by its users. Not surprisingly, the proposal was rejected by the shareholders.