Publish your RSS feeds on social networks

RSS is an Internet resource whose content is produced automatically (except in exceptional cases) based on updates to a website. RSS feeds are XML files that are often used by news sites and blogs to present titles of the latest searchable information.

To read these RSS feeds, an RSS feed aggregator is used, it automatically analyzes the code and returns it to you in a readable format.

Why publish on social networks?

Publishing on social networks is important, it allows you to fill your news feed with content, and this creates commitment with your followers on Twitter or your Facebook fans. You may not have the time to manage your newsfeeds? How to remedy this problem?

Automatically share content on social networks

To share content on social networks, it is possible to use a service that does it for you, there are a lot on the Internet but let's look at the RSSFlare solution.

About RSSFlare is a web service that allows to share the articles of its RSS feeds on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the Facebook pages. It recovers items according to a frequency you choose.

  • You can set the frequency of publication
  • You can set the number of items you want
  • You can add text before and after publication
  • You can find articles that contain certain keywords
  • You can activate the "Hashtagify" option (see below)

The "Hashtagify" option is an artificial intelligence service that is capable of offering Hashtags depending on the content of a page. If a page contains the keywords "Facebook", "Live", and "Mark Zuckerberg", they will be proposed as Hashtags in the publication on social networks.

At this time, it is possible to send publications to your LinkedIn account, Twitter account, Facebook account and Facebook pages. And it's free, enjoy!